Saturday, June 22, 2013

Endless Wait

I keep turning pages as I sit in vain,
Sometimes I walk alone through the lane.
Memories haunt and they turn me restless,
And all of a sudden I feel worthless.

It happens every single time,
The same story, the same rhyme.
I am so tired of living the same dread,
It makes me go almost dead.

Its like a blackout, no hope at all,
All my words are but a drawl.
There's something missing in my life,
I guess its happiness for which my heart thrive.

I keep waiting endlessly at a corner,
But I never hear your voice or even a whisper.
I keep waiting for the answer to my questions,
Or may be just some suggestions.

I miss you or I miss myself more,
You love me? I'm not sure.
Your absence kill me each day,
Still I wait for you and I pray.

This distance between us makes me cry,
I just want to smile now, I won't lie.
This vainness is turning me insane,
The sheer loneliness lands me in immense pain.

The shadows from the past engulf me,
Resurrecting silence is not letting me flee.
Everything has turned so harsh and bone-chilling,
Am walking in your quest and struggling.

This wait is quite challenging; for me, for you,
Its like an unsolved mystery, with no clue.
Gushes of wind blowing through my hair,
Whisper your name, and reminds me of your care.

Stars in the sky accompany me, wink at me,
They assure me of a good time and make me see;
How near it is. I think I may be lost now and should moan,
But you must know, I'm not coming back, at least not alone.

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