Saturday, March 4, 2017

And he says everything that is right!

And he says everything that is right.
I just keep on going wrong.
But trust me, please do.
I didn't do anything bad, since I met him.
Past haunts, and it ruined my present and future too.
He loved me more than anything, but not any more.
And I don't blame him for this change.
Am somehow dealing with this fact.
Hah! No more options! No more solutions!

And he says everything that is right.
He left me and my miserable past finally.
He was too tired worrying for me.
He gave up on me and I decided to let him go.
Because it was the best thing I could ever give him.
Though it does pain somewhere deep inside.
It makes me cringe, but am helpless.
I know its for the best, for him at least.
Hah! No more running away! No more hiding!

And he says everything that is right.
I see him crying, I see him dying every time.
I see him in pain every moment because of me.
And then he ended it all last night.
I wanted to stop him, tell him that I need him.
But then I thought I should not. I have no right.
I will not take his life. I will let him live.
I can't see him so broken, so lost, so weak.
Hah! No more murders! No more crime!

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