Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Part Of Me!

With you by my side,
I took a deep stride.
With you gone now,
I don’t feel alive somehow.
We had the best of times,
Is being happy a crime?
You left me lifeless,
Like a leaf worthless.

There were times when,
You made me feel good.

There were times when,
You lifted up my mood.

Can you explain me?
Can you just make me see?
What happened wrong between us?
Why did you leave me in a mess?

Oh baby, I love you so much,
I’m longing for your touch.
But you left me alone to cry,
And now the tears are dry.

Was it something in me?
That you chose to go?
Was it something in me?
Please, let me know.

I’m dying to hear from you,
But maybe it’s too late.
A part of me wishes for you,
A part wants you to come back!