Wednesday, May 22, 2013

People Change. FRIENDS CHANGE!

Yes, you heard it right. People change, Friends change, they do. More so when they get committed.

She was so alone, I heard her crying over the phone. She didn't ask me to stay, but I stayed anyway, stopping myself on her way. I made her laugh when she wanted to cry, I wiped her tears away. I became her friend and made sure she was never alone. But then she got another heart which pretended to care. She left me and my friendship drastically there. She lived in a relationship happily, until he broke her heart again. She was again so alone, I heard her crying over the phone. I was just numb, stood there on her way. She said "sorry", but this time, I had no feelings to convey.

When we were best of friends and close, I could never see that we can drift apart and that too in such a bitter manner. I wanted to say a thousand things to you to make you understand that how important is the bond between us, and just because you have a new person in your life now doesn't imply that everything about us has to end abruptly.

But you chose to ignore and not pay even a tinge of attention. And you left without a word. I argued for a while trying to show you that you were wrong, but, alas! you were blinded. I cried for a while, tried to see your happiness without me and then I moved on. I made a lot of friends, though I still valued you. I was happy again, spreading cheerfulness everywhere.

And then, one day, you returned and told me you're in pain. You need me again. Though now I don't have any similar feelings for you. I have emerged out of the deep sea of pain that you left me in, I created a new life for me where I am doing wonderful. I don't feel like adding you on to the list anymore.

Guess I am doing the right thing. One day you left me in the middle, and now I am finding it difficult to hold on to you. You have changed, people change! Its alright. But please don't expect me to accept you in my life again, because for me you are just a stranger. You chose to change back then, and today I make the same choice!

Love & Laughter,
Ila :)


  1. I cannot tell you how many people in the world are facing this every day. I did not know it myself until a few days back. Sometimes i think maybe 'we' are the nice and easy ones that make them laugh and wipe their tears away and demand nothing at all in return. I guess that niceness pays us this way.. i don't know, but it's very hard to think of the niceness in a nice way when you are always left in the middle for some new friend, some new guy, some new opportunity. It hurts. And that is simply why i would agree that you are taking the right decision. I took it a while ago and though i find it a little bit hard to be harsh, but when i think of the times I've cried because of them, i move on. They should be happy i'm not treating them the way they did.

    1. Ah vaish.. I myself find it so terrible to be bad to someone. And that is why I have chosen to be neutral with this friend of mine, but I can't give her the same love which I did an year ago. Though I am talking to her only coz I can't see her in pain and disillusioned.