Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Why me? I need Answers.

Ever since, Gang rape became a common scenario in 'The Heart of our Country', our very own Delhi, I am traumatized by the fact that how brutal can a human be?? Is it finally the end of humanity??

It's painful to hear that nobody is even interested to provide help when such incidents happen right in front of their eyes... and where is the God when all these torturous events happen?? Why is it that every time such mishaps occur, our Govt. takes a back seat and chooses to be all silent?? Why there has to be only a female to become a victim?? Why are men getting so desperate?? Why should only a girl bear all the pains and sufferings?? And why there is no answer when we ask our questions to our elders??

On top of it, the conversation ends with the note that "You are a girl/woman... try to adapt to every situations after all you are to be blamed for what's happening. You are the 'Eve' who brought doom to 'Adam'. It's your duty to follow orders." I still wonder why there is no equality between the sexes?? Why is it a crime to be a part of the fairer sex?? Why a boy and girl are brought up in different ways?? After all both of them are humans created by the same Universal God; only dissimilar with some biological organs. Then why this discrimination?? The former is always ready to show his organs publicly (urinating in the streets) and the later is always been preserved like gems in the family.

But my argument does not end here. There are much more bigger issues to talk about. Like if we can protect our own women of our family then why not the sisters and mothers of others. Why a man glances at the other women with his lustful eyes?? Why can't they behave in a courteous manner with the female folk?? Why are we the species to be taken for granted?? And why every time,we have to be a victim in front of  the male chauvinist pigs?? I think my quest will never end and I wish to have a person who could answer all my questions; questions that are valid.

But my fear does not stop with this. As my questions increase day by day my fear too rises gradually step by step. Every morning when I leave my home I have a phobia for my loved ones that they should not be grudged in to the devilish eyes of any male chauvinist whether it is rickshaw wala, auto driver or just a passer by. I always pray to God that nothing happens to my mother, my sisters, or my friends. No matter what's your age, occupation, etc. the rover like devilish eyes will always follow you like a beast in every way and that fear actually rose rapidly in me after the incident.

Few days back, I was as usual returning home by an auto when on the one side, I had to verbally fight with the idiot auto driver but on the other side I was really worried about the consequences. As the disease lies in the head whether it is a worker or a high profile celebrity the superiority of men towards every female lies in the mind; in the mentality. They only look at us as a sexual object and means of entertainment and nothing else.
But one thing, I figured out after much dwelling, was that the rage; the frustration and pain of being subjugated to tortures has actually alienated the female entities from this world. I although avoid such situations but now I have placed myself as a phoenix with zero tolerance. Indeed, it is a paradoxical statement believing in zero tolerance but what if, I don't tolerate them at all and stand like a fighter with a hope of changing the world. May be together we can hope to make a difference after all.

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