Sunday, March 24, 2013

Together Someday!

You love me, and I love you,
And I swear this love is true.
You say I'm your smile,
And you make my life worth while.

Yet our love is a difficult one,
So many problems and solutions none.
While am still ready to fight for us,
You choose to run and take a bus.

I don't understand what's scaring you,
For me, the only joy is seeing me and you.
I know deep down you want to hold my hand,
Once in a blue moon, will you try to understand?

You say you wouldn't ever say a goodbye,
But then why do you always make me cry?
If you want me in your life, then have the courage,
Don't treat me like a mere puppet on your stage.

Neither you let me go nor you hold me,
Am dying each day, can't you see?
Why is it so difficult for you to be with me?
Can't you just be in a relationship with me?

I keep on asking such random questions,
Questions sway in my mind without answers.
I wish someday soon you will realise,
And you would come to me with tears in your eyes.

You would then admit your love for me,
And then all the walls will break free.
I just hope you express soon and it does not get late,
I pray the fate remains on our side; the fate!

And then all around there will be joy,
'cause we will be together someday!!

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