Thursday, June 15, 2017

My voice talks to me!

When I sit alone in my room,
And my voice talks to me,
And says that I have lost you before I could even get you,
It hurts me to see you fading away from my life each day.
I try to be strong. I fight with myself daily,
But sometimes it just gets too unbearable.
The wound refuses to heal,
My heart cringes, it cries, but it is seldom heard.
But you continue to neglect,
Making the situation worse.
I can be a rebel, I can fight all odds,
If you hold me and give me courage.
But you leave me exhausted, you make me sad.
I am almost battling all day long,
Trying to deceive my own self.
Trying to elude from my own feelings.
I am frustrated, irritated, and paralysed.
I told you several times that I love you,
But you always choose to laugh it off.
I can feel that am losing the battle now,
I can no longer bear this pain.
Losing you is like cutting myself with a knife,
Yet I have to let you go, I have to survive.
Inside me is a fire, that is burning me slowly.
And you are the water that I wish to have.
But now I understand that you are just my unfulfilled desire.
I now have to take charge of myself, 
Transform my heart into a stone, 
So that losing you no more remains a pain.
I wouldn't let tears blur my eyes,
I wouldn't let you hurt me, no, not anymore!

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