Saturday, November 17, 2012

Girl with a Handbag!

Hi all the lovely people out there!

Am sure at some point of the time, you must have tried guessing what’s there in a girl’s handbag that she never lets you touch it? She compromises on most of the things, and share every bit of gossips She tells you everything, loves you and is loyal to you too but when it comes to touching her handbag, she gets offended. I think of myself as a perfect example for a 'Girl with a Handbag!' I just cannot leave home without a handbag! So, a little eye- opener for you, here.

While sitting at a coffee shop recently, I and a friend of mine were literally fighting over the importance of a woman’s handbag in her life. I know that's a lame topic to discuss but then we are a little crazy. He then shared this mini story about his lecturer trying to categorically differentiate between a man and a woman. According to him, a man, carries things which are only useful (mostly, just money); the no-nonsense stuff, so whenever he needs to find something, in a matter of seconds he’ll find it. But, when it comes to women; situation is totally different. They have to search through their entire wardrobe (well that's the word that he actually used for my bag, Gosh!) and only after looking into each and every pocket twice, they manage to find the needful. Phew! No way! It’s not always the case, is it? No! *pouts*

What’s so laughable about the insides of a woman’s handbag? Why do you think the connection of a women with her handbag is weird and funny? Do you think each and every item in there is useful or does not have a worthy cause? A cherished memory? A purpose? Well, I personally believe that all the items in there are highly significant. Let’s take a look at the contents as we spill out Miss X’s purse onto the examination table. Her name has been kept under wraps to protect her from the unnecessary harassment.

Here we go, 3 - 2 - 1. -


So the thing that almost all the ladies have in their bags, is a tiny little make up kit. It actually varies from woman to woman depending on how much makeup they wear in their everyday life and how prone they are to makeup brands. So based on this, the makeup kit can be a little coin clutch filled with a lip gloss or two or it can be another small bag filled with everything from a lip gloss to primers and foundations.
The next item on this list will be the ladies personal effects. Every known woman on the planet is sure to carry their personal belongings with them for the simple reason that it is unknown when they might be needed or some friend might end up needing one. These again can be carried around randomly and some women who like being organized might carry them around in a little purse of their own which I personally think is very cute!

This item, in which men apparently carry all their stuff, is also one of the ingredients of the mysterious bag of a woman! Every girl or woman would surely be carrying a wallet of sorts. Now there are some who are so brand conscious that their wallet would be nothing short of a Prada, or Chanel, or Coach. Then there are others for whom anything would do and so they carry around stuff in a pencil-case! I cannot say for sure but I think carrying a proper wallet is much more appropriate!

Kind of like the others, sunglasses is another must have ingredient. Every female would be found carrying one at least and again, branded or not is totally dependent on the chic in question. If you do not believe me you can ask your lady-love if you can have looks in her bag and find out for yourself! Although beware before you ask this question because it depends entirely on how close you are with her. Women are very possessive about their bags as it is, and peeping into one is considered very rude.

You will hardly find a girl who is not carrying some sort of candy or bubble gum in her purse. I have known girls to carry two same brands of gum in their bag, both of them unfinished and both of them open. There is something about girls and candy and chocolate that men just cannot seem to figure out. Perhaps having so much candy is why they are so sweet.

No girl in my circle of acquaintances can be found without hankies. There are women who like carrying around small containers of tissue papers along with them because of health issues. Then there are women who carry around wet tissues for that moment of freshness whenever and where ever it is needed. Some carry around tissue papers because public restrooms are normally out of them, also, in case you sneeze and you do not have a tissue on you, it would seem very anti-feminine. This little fact that girls have tissues on them, is so known now that a man is surely bound to assume that a woman has tissues in her purse, if not, they are just amazed if nothing else!

I would personally find it hard to believe that a woman does not have a lotion or a sanitizer in her bag. Lotions because whenever hands are washed, they tend to dry up and that is just hateful and uncomfortable. Also, the skin tends to dry up sometimes for which a lotion comes in very handy. As far as the sanitizers go, well assume that you are riding on a bus and accidentally put your hand on someone else’s boogies, EEW! How would life be without sanitizers! A night mare for sure! I for one would not want to have my hand smelling of something disgusting and finding out that there is absolutely nothing I can do about it till I find a washroom!

Ever wondered how women smell so nice all the time! Well that is because, even if there is nothing else in the purse of theirs, there is bound to be a deodorant, an antiperspirant, a body spray, a body mist, or a perfume! One of these items is surely lying around there somewhere. It might seem that women are pretty high maintenance, but to be honest, they just like being neat, clean, and presentable at all times. After all, they are expected to be aren’t they?

Another very cool accessory is the phone! The I-phones are the latest trend and if not that, it certainly would be an android phone. The phone category basically covers all the electronic gadgets that can be found in a woman’s purse and please feel free to include an iPod or a similar music thingy, headphones for sure, and perhaps an iPad too! What will a girl do if she did not tag her whole life around with her.

So guys have a single key to their car with which they hang their room key and that is nearly it. For women, it is a whole other story. They have these blingy key chains in their bags, most probably with something furry and pink, and also a notebook or a planner. Apparently, women would be lost without these items. I think all of these add up to make women the women we know them to be. Cute little human beings with little things that cause them to be happy!

Oh! And this is not all. Some other things found are -

11. A dozen bandages- Okay, sometimes I get frustrated trying to find a bandage, so I buy a new one. Who knows I could get hit on something hard and be poor. I’ll surely be glad I have a year supply of bandages then, won’t I ? Just kidding! But you agree they are essential, right?

12. Unfinished chocolate bar- What? Nothing’s wrong with it. You know, if your bus’s late and your probably starving, you might just wish you had something to eat.

13. 7 pens,3 pencils and a glitter pen (Stationary) - I have a phobia, I can’t help it. I must carry multiple writing instruments. You never know, what you may just need to complete a project.

14. Photos -  Yes, you heard it alright! Photo of me and my close friends. Well, I may just need to remember them. And sometimes, photos on your phone may not be sufficient! Aww.. I know am super sweet! *wink*

15. Umbrella - you live in Delhi, too. Don’t you? You know the heat! Umbrella is a constant companion for a woman be it summers or monsoons. Imagine, what would have happened to woman’s race without it?

Miscellaneous-  Water bottle, daily planner, office papers, college notes, money (if any space is left) etc. depending upon the weather for instance, summers- cotton gloves, winters- woollen gloves etc. What?! It’s important at times.

I have my sympathies with Miss X and her handbag. I personally, don’t find anything that should be discarded or left out. I mean, just take a look at everything listed above has so much usage in one’s life.

As for men, they have always been and will always be clueless about the complexity of a woman’s life. A woman is a miracle of divine contradictions. It’s easier to clean a woman’s mind than her handbag, because mind changes but no matter what she likes to keep her handbag same as always.

As the saying goes, "To generalise on women is dangerous. To specialise on them is even worse". So, be careful,friends!


Stay blessed!
Love & Laughter,