Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Enchanting Trip to Goa

The Enchanting Trip to Goa
I was working to make this Goa Trip happen since September. It was a bitter-sweet experience with loads to learn. Excitement was at its peak for this trip which gave loads of happiness and cheerful memories for a lifetime.
Commencing on 10th December 2011, our train travelling was quite thrilling but long. We arrived at Madgaon Railway station, Goa around 5 pm the next day (11th December) and then went to Peninsular beach Resort. After checking in, we had some snacks and were ready to leave for Calangute Beach. We had good rooms and food was good, too. Calangute beach was a walk away from our resort, we took the bus so as to reach the main market area of North Goa. It was bustling with tourists and locals alike, selling and buying all sorts of hats, chappals, bags etc. We spent almost an hour walking on the wet sand, cool breeze falling on our faces. The enchanting night ended with a little shopping and DJ night at the resort along with a very nice dinner, we had sea food, prawns etc which Goa is famous for.
Next day (12th December), after our breakfast we left for Fort-a-gauda. The management did a great job in explaining to us the significance of this place in history and how till now the lighthouse stands tall, a symbol of Dutch rule in India.
After fort, we went to visit Baga beach, a charming combination of land and sea. This beach is surrounded by handicraft shops.
Then we went to St. Xavier’s church. The experience was very peaceful and educational, leaving a greater impact on our minds than anything else.
Having spent the whole day, we stopped by the Miramar beach to have our lunch. Our Cruise was scheduled for 5:30pm departure so we decided to spend the rest of our time shopping for cashews of different varieties and other things in the market of Goa.
Finally comes the cruise, around 5:30 pm we were at the dock, waiting eagerly for the program to go on board. At 6 pm, the traditional dances began on the cruise, the local girls and boys depicted the lives of fisherman and the Portuguese which came to India as traders. It was an hour long program, which ended with loads of activities, fun and dance. Day II ended with another DJ party organized at the resort where we were treated with exquisite food and fun music.
Next morning we woke up around 5:45 am to visit Calangute beach before sunrise and it was something ethereal. The little hint of sunrise, the sound of waves which was like soothing music to the ears, having an early morning ‘Sand-castle making competition’. The whole ambience around us was enchanting and totally divine, especially the sunrise.
It was an immense pleasure to walk on cold sand without any need to walk through the water. Waves were just kissing our feet.  
Back in our resort we packed our stuff and after breakfast were ready to leave for Madgaon Railway station, and after a 27hour long train journey we were back to Delhi. All we are now left with are the fun filled unforgettable memories which will be cherished throughout for years to come.