Sunday, August 5, 2012

The JIP Gang as we call it :)

Mood-spoilers are in love with me, it seems!! They are always around. But this day - Friendship's Day, had to be special. Jayashree and Princy already planned to meet me and ordered me to decide the time and be there at any cost. It was Sunday but I had so many engagements but somehow I could not say 'No' for obvious reasons.

1) It was almost two weeks and we had not met.
2) It was the day for celebrating.
3) I was in a bad mood.
4) I was experiencing awkward things at the new college.
5) I knew I need to relax but was not finding ample time for it.

So I rescheduled everything and we met this evening. Wow!! I feel so refreshed and so 'Me' again. We laughed all the time and so much that everyone was staring at us. We clicked pictures, although interestingly they both are camera conscious. So I have got strict instructions not to post their pictures. I still remember the exact words in which we talked; all the jokes we shared; the anticipations we discussed about; and everything else. Another day has become a memory but I still can giggle about it. The best part is we have decided to meet often now because no other friend can replace the comfort and sweetness of JIP gang!!!
We share something magical. That's why together we are angels! Love you loads :) muuah!!!

P.S. - Here are two pictures from the unforgettable evening that I can safely post! ;)


  1. Seriously i too felt refreshed after meeting u guys .twas like my mind,body and soul finally became active..lov u too muahh..

  2. Cheers gal..waiting for the good news eagerly :D