Sunday, March 5, 2017

Makes you smile!

They say that 'Never give up the things that make you smile.!'

So, it's unimaginable to lose you. It almost makes me feel sick to the stomach to think of a life without you. I still recollect the despising moments when people close to me left me astray. In simpler words, I don't want to be a chapter from your life's book; I want to be the book!
For once I want to be as special for you as you are to me. For once I want you to take a stand for me. For once I don't want to be the reason for misunderstandings in your life. And if you can't do this simple thing then you ain't got any right to hurt a heart!
When you still remember me in the midst of your busy schedule, I feel glad and important. You say you are dying to see me smile; can't you see that you are my smile. After suffering endlessly for five years, I am so weak that even a slightest of pain makes me cringe. Sometimes all you can do is laugh to keep yourself from crying. Though when I am with you, I can effortlessly smile all my life.
I am blessed to have you in this hard time. You are my shield from all the pain existing in the world. I have learnt that sometimes the people who enter your life unexpectantly stay longer; however I want you to stay forever till my last breath. It's like I want to close my eyes seeing you the last.
Am so done with my experiments of life, now I just want to sit back and apply all that I learnt. I can no longer waste time in trusting new people and getting ditched by them. Lucky I am to have found you while experimenting for the very last time.

'Every word  seems like music,
 As I think of you and write.
 I don't know what this is,
 I just don't want to lose it.
 Words are never enough to describe,
 What and how much I feel for you.
 Look into my eyes, yes my eyes,
 And you will know they are true.'