Friday, July 27, 2012

My playlist update!!

Some of the addictive songs ruling my playlist for a while :

1. A beautifully crazy song.

2.  Irrestible song.

3.  One Direction is the Band that I am hooked to.

4. Cocktail's song surely rocked. Would love to groove on this number.

5. Punjabi beats can upbeat the mood anytime.

6. Adele is forever interesting!

7. Honestly I love everything about Taylor Swift's songs and they are so full of emotions, and the way she brings them up is amazing.

8. Lately Lucy hale is more than just Aria of Pretty Little Liars.

9. There's something intriguing about this one.

10. Last one for now. The lyrics are amazing!

Enjoy the weekend!! :) Flow with the music..Give in to your senses..Sit back and relax! Stay blessed! xoxoxoxo :)

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