Sunday, July 29, 2012

My idea of perfect bliss!

 So I was sitting by the window and it was wide open, my bright eyes were glancing at the rain-drops, as they fall from the cloudy sky to meet the thirsty earth. My ears seemed to enjoy the pitter-patter. It was a kind of relief to the soul.
It feels utmost bliss to see the wind playing games with the soft twigs of the young green plants. Cold winds blowing through the leaves of the trees. The earth seems happy and wishing that the monsoons stay for a little more time.
The idea of perfect bliss may still vary from person to person. For me Monsoon season is the most delightful one. I just feel all delighted to sit by a window side with a novel in my hand or with my lappy. So, the equation for bliss is very simple for me :

Rain + A novel / Lappy + A cup of coffee = Bliss!

But post-breakup nothing can make you cheerful for a while; not even the equation written above. What then? Ever wondered how easily people say, 'C'mon he/she wasn't worth you. Forget it and move on.' But reality is that if the attachment with someone is way too much then it takes time to imagine your life without them. People meet and depart, but life? Well, 'It goes on!'
The rain which made you glad earlier, can actually make you cry. You may gaze at the outdoors and hear the rain falling but the effect would be completely opposite. It no longer apes happiness but leaves you sad and nostalgic.
Love is like an earthquake-unpredictable, a little scary, but when the hard part is over you realize how lucky you truly are. Something like this happened with me too. I too fell and wasn't caught. But still today sitting at the window side with the smell of wet mud making me feel sensuous, I am happy. I know some of you may be thinking I must not be in deep or true love. That's not right, though. I loved him with all I had. Some relations are just not meant to be. I had to let him go. I was blissful this time, relieved of all the pain. The heart was forgiving 'him' gradually for hurting me and forgetting 'his' mistakes. He had wounded me badly but time heals all.
I just had to change the equation a bit to regain the control on my life. How could I allow him to hurt me forever even when he was gone, never to come back again? The equation now read as follows :

 Phone / Internet + BFF = Bliss!

Now I don't have to wait for Rain to come and make me delighted anymore. I have someone; someone very special, My BFF to make me smile when all I want is to cry. With him around, I don't feel the need for anything else in the world. It's like he is 'Happiness Personified' for me. Life seems hunky-dory when he is with me. I don't have any awkward moments with him. It's comforatble to share everything with him; from the deepest desires to the deepest, darkest secrets. Only the thought of him is enough to bring a smile on my face. There's an advantage of having a boy best friend rather than a boyfriend, afterall. A boy best friend serves the same purpose. The only difference parhaps is he wouldn't ever break your heart and will be willing to go to any extent to ensure your happiness. He encourages you to be better and he never gives fake compliment. He can rudely criticise you and take my word for it that it's helpful in the long run.
Today it seems both the equations have united to take me beyond the cloud 9. So it's raining outside, I am gazing at the sky, the wind from the open window is playing with my hair now, I am typing on my lappy with a cup of coffee placed nearby, my phone's beeping, it's a message from my BFF. Wait, I need to reply.

And me,
Well, I'm alive. :)


  1. Its glad to know that there are people for whom their friends mean alot...and its because they themselves are so sweet...charming and caring that anybody in this world wants to make them feel happy...and yes i do the same with my BFF...and this is the best thing someone can do for his/her BFF.your way of making him feel special is awesome :)

    1. And you know what that's because my BFF is way too special for me. So he deserves this attention. After all it's not an easy job to deal with me and handle me with such a bundle of care. Only he could have done it and that's what makes him special. :)