Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Promise...

I loved, I cared, I adhered,
And yes, I tried my best;
to make it work against all the odds.
But now I am all tired and lost.

though I am happy, I am content,
to know that at least I fought.
I gave up everything I had.
Still I am so left out and I feel so sad.
There's a pain, an uncurable pain in my heart,
As now I know we have to stay apart.
It feels awful, I hide my tears,
When I say your name, the forbidden name.
Though the pain deep in my heart
still remains the same, turning permanent.
And I know, I am sure there's no one,
Who misses you more than me.
Still as you have chosen to stay away,
My heart, which belongs to you refused to sway.
Thus, now I am tired of futile efforts and lost,
So I surrender and I give up, All seems vain now.
Be happy, be successful wherever you are, whatever you do,
And do believe in yourself though you could never believe me.
And remember, don't forget my promises,

That I will always keep loving you from afar......!!

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