Sunday, February 19, 2017

Silent Night

It’s just another silent night, 
Nothing seems to be right.
Although there is joy outside,
But pain has crept inside...
Tears filled in the eyes,
Missing someone, who was very nice.
Remembering those days, those nights,
And just remembering all those silent nights.
The one who was always there for you,
Suddenly without a word leaves you...
He goes away forever,
And comes back never.
The bright days turn dull,
There is an abominable lull.
Often, the memories last,
Search out the entire past...
Earlier festivals used to be fun,
Now, moments of fun are almost none.
The loss of loved ones gives pain;
It’s surely a total bane...
They will never come back,
In life, they will always lack.
Such silent nights always devastate,
It reminds you of your bad fate...
Just one question,” where are you? "
Lonely heart searches you...
Ila Garg

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