Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dowry Deaths: My Take

Recently I came across an incident that touched me to the core of my heart. I could feel goosebumps as I continued to read this diary. Sweety's Diary The last diary entry left me numb. Dowry system was abolished centuries ago; then why should women continue to suffer till date? What shocks me more is the fact that dowry is demanded by the educated people, which is a sheer shameful act in itself. Are we forever going to suffer from this? Is this ridiculous 'dowry demanding' never going to stop? I know this diary raises some very important mind-boggling questions...but who is going to answer them? What is the government actually doing in this concern? How long will women be subjected to suffer from this wrath of dowry? After God, women are the creators of this world...It is she who gives birth to men and women alike...then why should the dowry be demanded from her? Why should it be a curse to be a daughter's parents? In India, where a daughter is given so many names like saraswati, laxmi, etc. why is this system still prevalent? Why are we as individuals so helpless when it comes to dowry? Those who demand this dowry are the very people sitting among us; can't we stop them from doing this harsh act? Can't we stop them from keeping such irrational demands? Today, I pledge that I will be forever fighting against this dowry system...till my last are you with me? Or are you just going to sit back and go with the flow? Your one choice can make you a human and another a devil...choice is yours! Come forward and join hands to fight against this cruel and prejudiced system of dowry...Save your daughters, sisters, wives, mothers...from this wrath!
I would make sure that no dowry comes into play when I marry! Can you do the same?

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  1. First of all define dowry. In India it is not defined. So during marriage it remains gift but then it becomes dowry when the marriage turn sour. with 85% such cases being false or personally motivated, our marriage system is already screwed. Also here we don't have any contribution from wife in marriages, but she enjoys all benefits, including husband's property share. Once we define contribution of each spouse in marriage and make that mandatory then dowry system will be abolished.