Thursday, June 16, 2011


June 2

Diary, I am very tired now. I am tired of this bloody life. Bad luck precedes me. I thought I would get that job today and all my problems will go away. But it didn’t happen. Mammiji and Papaji say they will be with me and I am like a daughter to them, but kabtak? At any time, they can also get fed up with me. I can’t go to my parents. I have nothing left, nothing to look forward to. Mummy, your daughter is going away with all respect and dignity. I have in my mind all the culture you taught me and even now your daughter is very pure. I haven’t even thought about another man than Mikku. I don’t know what mistake I committed. Mikku, I am not that bad a girl. I am going away from you and your life, to that place from where one cannot come back even if one wanted to. Now you are a free bird.

But one request: Don’t give any sorrow to your mother. She loves you a lot. Be happy and please marry again. This time marry the girl whom you love because every girl will not be Sweety. Shekar bro, my blessing will be with you always. Now, you don’t have to protect your sister anymore and I will not be a burden to you. Please look after papa and mummy.
Nupurji and Jijaji you tried a lot to make my home happier, now it’s not required. Papa and mummy don’t blame Mikku’s parents. I am responsible for my death. I am fed up with life, so I want to die. No one is responsible for my death except God. I will ask him why he took everything away from me. I love you all. I love you Mikku, you will be ever my SMARTUUU… always.

Rahe na rah ham, mahaka karenge ban ke kale, ban ke sabaa, bhagoo wafah mein……

Aap sab ki

Asti Shekhar (Sweety)

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